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Thomas Rhett Has "The Talk" Once a Month

Posted by Alysha McIntyre on 2018/11/07

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are pretty open about their private life. Thomas does say Lauren and him do talk about once a month about whether or not they should be more private. But the positive outweighs the negative when it comes to being an open book. He says it allows fans to connect with him on a deeper level since his music is so personal. He also says when he meets fans they'll have a story to share about what it's like for them to raise children. In the end Thomas says it's all cool. 


Posted by Linda Thomson (Woodbridge) on 2018/11/08
Love seeing his beautiful family and life. Plus when celebrities take control of what the fans get access to, it leaves less for the scum-sucking paparazzi to chase them for.

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